Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thaam tharikida THAI!

Aah, the awesomeness that I am. Sitting and composing a post at 3:30 AM. :P I've decided to stick to a lighter tone of subjects here onwards. I'm not going to compose too many personal life incidents and make this place seem like an online journal! Who wants to read the confessions of a 22-year old anyway? LOL!

Okay, moving on. New year 2012 - that had a GREAT start at office. How? My system refused to budge/ start, first thing on 2nd Jan morning. And so, I was asked to wait until R came and checked the issue, and I raised a ticket! Whoa, too cool isn't it? B) Everyone who crossed my desk didn't forget to give me a wicked smile and say that my new year had started on a great note at work. Does this mean that I'll be out of this project soon? Hehe! The weird ways that I think, don't you agree?

We had potluck earlier this week, the one I'd been writing about every single week. It finally happened and it was one feasty lunch worth sitting through. :D I particularly loved my lead S preparation of Fried Rice. She makes the yummiest fried rice I've known! And she was particularly sweet in letting me take the last kulfi of the day. S vaazhga! :)

My new found interest - Terracotta Jewellery. Planning to buy 'em SOON! :D Have a look at the breath-taking art work in Terracotta: (Taken from the official page of Maatikaar Terracotta Jewellery - Facebook)

I'm hoping to purchase some of these beauties because they look so awesome. I found this nice shop based at Delhi which accepts and ships orders to other parts of the country. Maybe they'll do the same and send my package, once I place mine. (and PAY for it, too. :D ) I'm just slightly apprehensive about how long Terracotta jewellery lasts. If it's going to last for a long while, then I'm double okay with spending so much for them! :)

Last weekend was super hectic as I kept running around on both days of the weekend. First day - for a haircut and the next day - to an orphanage. It was silent slap of reality at our egotic and ambitious ways, seeing those orphaned kids being so happy and cheerful with what they've got. They don't complain, they don't whine. They're plain happy with what's in their hands. And they believe the dawn WILL come. If only a few of us could realize this startling truth, there wouldn't be so much of sadness and depression on Earth! (I am definitely included in that list of pessimistic souls)

Townhall's coming up. I'm doing a role in the skit - the lover girl who turns down a proposal AND presenting on two major projects of 2011 which I didn't work for. Two things in one show. Ore kallula rendu mangaaaa!. We're having a mock walk-through of the show on monday. God knows what I'm going to do over there. Must. Prepare.

Apart from all these - I'm still addicted to Askku Laska. I still do read and check out the style reviews in this blog. And I've developed an unexpected addiction to Domino's Pizza. I've started to order something or the other every weekend. Whether it's Khushiyon Ki Home Delivery or not - it's certainly Calories and Extra Flabs Ki Home Delivery. :-P Must come out of the habit of eating so much. CALORIE counter, please do get reactivated! I miss having that ticker ticking within my head. The past week was otherwise as normal. Oh well, we crossed one of those rare occurrences of Friday the Thirteenth, by the way. Another useless update - I've chomped through two pieces of Ferrero Rocher while I composed this article. (haha, I love giving these kinda updates)

To conclude this post, here are some pics that you weren't expecting to come towards the end of this long, non-informative and useless piece of scribble:

Happy birthday to meeee!

Gentle Reminder: My birthday is edging closer. Five more days to go. ;) I'll be going out to buy chocolates for office folks tomorrow. 
Happy New Thai! B-) Iniya Thai Thirunaal Nalvazhthukkal!

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