Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pleasant Remembrances.

A year has gone by and I wouldn't be doing justice if I didn't recollect what it's been for me. So I'm going to compose it in the form of Rapid-fire questions. Pointless stuff, you may say. But someday when I come back here, I want to remember 2011 for what it's been significantly in my life.

Ups of the year - First salary, first time at a hostel, interacted with a lot of people at work, lived in two hostels and understood what Hostel food tastes like, slogged my arse off learning J2EE (which I never used after training!), got my first ever shiny laptop as a present from mom, understood the value of money a
nd the intense joy in buying gifts for your loved ones with your salary. I realized that when you work, it keeps you busy from thinking intensely negative thoughts. I still do miss you, Pa. But I have seen it for myself that work's a good antidote for protecting yourself from bleak, unrest thoughts.

Flip side of the year - Getting homesick, struggling to balance life at work and the life apart from work, the allergy attack that had me hospitalized for eight days and how it kept daunting me throughout the year since May 2011.

Achievements of the year - Job, Project, appreciations received at work, certain friends from work who proved they're much more caring that the ones who'd been with me longer etc.

Disappointments of the year - Being called the Psoriasis Patient (Some wounds run deep!), Buying a Samsung Galaxy Pop just two days before being selected for a project that doesn't allow camera mobiles (Biggest wreck, hehe) and of course, certain people who disappointed me by their words and actions. I'm not putting everything here, you know.

Aspirations, goals and prayers for the year 2012 - A change from what I've been thus far, some random traveling, understanding and trying to fulfill others' needs, Good health, h
opes that my mom's knee problem gets better in this year and I hope to be a good understanding daughter to her. My resolutions are already listed in the previous post. :P

During the midnight of the new year 2012 - I did receive a few calls and messages from people whom I wasn't expecting to be in touch. Quite surprising, quite happy! Touchwood.

When I went shopping yesterday I saw this
beautiful Orange color bag priced at Rs. 1500/- on the shelves. I was so tempted to buy, but I didn't. Maybe I will next week, if it's still there.. Who knows? Mom's going to be shocked for sure if I came home with it. ;) Cousin C from Canada came home last week. She's gifted me with some chocolates (Pots of Gold) and two small bottles of The Body Shop skin lotion and shower gel. When I do use it, I'll write on how the products feel. For one thing, I know that The Body Shop goods are exotic and lovely to use. :)

I also wanted to pen it down here - On how I m
ust forgive people for their words and deeds and move on. Maybe I'm holding to grudges for too long. This is one aspect that I wish to change in myself soon. People do hurt; they always want to prove that they're one step ahead of you; they constantly compare, mock and size your achievements. They want to prove on your face on what sort of a midget you are. The world doesn't aim to provide you good life. So? It wouldn't hurt so much unless one takes these things personally and allows it to rule their thoughts. I should just do away with taking what happens around me deeply. THERE! That's another thing I want to develop within myself. I've realized that I've been rude and harsh upon my school friends in the older posts. I'm hurt by their actions, but that could be a one-sided view of how offended I feel. I'm sorry for all the things said and done. It doesn't mean I'm going to delete those posts and act like a saint. They will exist now and forever. But I just want to confess here that I will change in some aspects of my character and this is one spot I'm working on.

Asku Laska Baby!

I'm in total love with this track from
Nanban. B-) I've heard it a lot of times and the craze just doesn't go away. Not for me, atleast. Its lyrics has got words from different languages for Love. Something about the music and the voices singing the song keeps me hooked to it altogether. On the other hand, I feel Why this kolaveri di.. is the most over-hyped song EVER. Period. What's there in it? D'oh! And not to forget mentioning - STR has composed a single track called the National Anthem for Love. I haven't heard or seen the video, but this is nothing but attempts to try competing with the colossal fame that Dhanush has reaped from Kolaveri di.. Talk about two Sandakozhis! :P

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