Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New year 2012!! :):)

One more year has crossed and now, we're into the most Taboo-ed year of the decade. This is the year that the Mayan calendar has predicted as the end of the world. Whether or not the World ends on December 21st, 2012 - we'll have to find out on this only with time.

Ok, New year resolutions anyone? I've always tried to formulate new year resolutions and every single year, they all go into the trash just a day or two after they've been made. Sigh! So this year, I'm going to make a brave attempt to stick to it no matter what. You heard me - NO MATTER WHAT. Or so, I hope! So here's the list of resolutions I'm setting for myself this brand new year -

1. To keep posting on blogger as frequently as possible. This means one post or more per week. Just the usual ramblings, and then maybe a few updates. Bah, I haven't shared the link with anyone anyway. Not yet, that is.

2. Weight reduction regime is ON - full fledged. I believe (And know!) that I've put on a few extra pounds than normal, thanks to the medicines that I had to use in order to battle my skin allergy. It's time to reverse their appalling side effects. So I want to keep the momentum going - via the walking that I do, the random exercises, the crazy-dancing-in-the-room-while-no one's-watching, the careful calorie counting which I (used to) follow almost religiously before every meal - each one of these things! I want to slim down to much lesser than what I'd been before I gained weight. :)

3. Must learn to respect individuality and hold lesser grudges at people. Okay, so I've learnt that people can make mistakes. It's quite normal to get into situations of misunderstanding with others. But I really should be able to let go when I can't hold on any longer and not abuse them mentally for the falling-through that had happened. It's better to let go with your head held high instead of squabbling about it after it's happened. Right? So that's one thing I'm aiming to do over this year.

4. Should definitely try out new things - Maybe try a new style of dressing, let go of shyness and interact with people more openly, travel more (I've been only in Chennai and Vellore all through 2011!) to different places, experiment with never-been-there type restaurants and food. Sounds like a good plan? I think so! B-)

5. The end of 2012 would mark the end of two-years bond with TCS. Before that, I hope I'd be able to learn whatever I can about the industry. Learn new things, do some certification courses perhaps - Any bright thing that' could help my career morph into something with a future. Gee, I sure sound like a geek here! Anyway the point is I don't want to feel tongue-tied when someone tells me, So you've spent almost two years in the industry. What's your expertise? Also, I'm hoping that some change happens too. Change of fortune (I've always been at the receiving end of very lame fortune almost all the time!), change in project, change in industry, change in career. Any good thing that's on the verge of possibility of happening - Please do happen to me, I say!

6. Wake up early. Yes, you've heard me right! Waking up early is one of those key resolutions that I make EVERY year and which inevitably goes into trash right on the very first day. Luckily, I woke up soon today (Wah wah wah!) and I hope to keep it going throughout the year. Early to bed, early to rise should be the mantra of the year for me.

7. Lesser usage of Facebook. I know (& my mom does too!) that I spend way too much time on the social networking site looking/ peeping into others' lives . I've got to stop doing this. Maybe half an hour of the social network isn't so bad for each day. But more than that could mean I'
m pointlessly wasting my time. What am I going to get by keeping track of others' advancements in life? :-/ Even now as I'm composing my blog article, I've checked and rechecked on Facebook tab several times, hoping to see some random update flashing across my wall. Oh well, I'm just thankful that I didn't sit online at 12:00 AM last night - staring at the Newsfeed and Facebook wall as the new year rolled out. :P

Enough on the resolutions part for now. Let me see how many turn successful by the end of this year. :P

Potluck didn't happen last week; it got postponed. Cyclone Thane hit Chennai, Pondy and the coastal cities of Tamilnadu during this week. I don't want to make updates like a weather woman here. :P But still, it's one of those hot happenings of the week that was. It was one massive cyclone that caused crores of rupees worth damage of crops, houses and the likes. Going to office was practically a nightmare on the 29th and the 30th Dec, 2011. :-| Thus, you can imagine how it must've been!

I went for the usual shopping yesterday and hauled a lot of things. I was planning to visit an orphanage with my friend M today. Sadly, it was raining through the morning, so we had to quickly cancel the plan and postpone it to some other day because Cyclone Thane still hasn't had enough of the city. I got chocolates for the kids and it's resting on the shelves of my room, untouched. What a moment of joy that it would've been for those kids, only if we'd been able to go today. Sigh! Oh well, next week maybe. I got mom a purse and I think she likes it. :) I even saw the price and variety of boxed chocolates in the Supermarket as I'll be going there once again to buy chocolates for my office people on the occasion of my birthday! :D It's coming up, and just another nineteen more days to go. I'm excited over the Nothing-significant-birthday. Confused? Look below.

This cartoon had me laughing and I think it's better to have me put it up myself. :P And I've done something a girl wouldn't usually do under any circumstances - Reveal her age! LOL. Happy birthday to me!!! :D

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