Friday, January 27, 2012

Solitary Reaper - Or Not.

It's the Nation's 63rd Republic Day today. (It was technically today when I started writing this post, now it's over 12 AM - 27th January) Do take a look at the amazing doodle that Google came up with -

What does Republic Day mean to a 21st Century youngster? (I'm just talking casually on this. No hard takes here)
One day holiday from work, Watch movies tagged as Kudiyarasu Dhina Sirappu Thiraipadam in different channels, Special interviews from heroines who don't know much Tamil, coming loose-haired on these TV shows etc. Occasionally you cross TV channels/ shows where the anchor hosts with a small replica of the Indian flag pinned to their garments. That's it! Patriotism, on a different note, could also mean broadcasting movies of Arjun and Vijaykanth - Tamil heroes who have spent all their lives fighting the elements of Evil - Pakistani Terrorists in their movies! :-D Occasionally there are TV channels which play movies like Indian, Mudhalvan etc which lecture against corruption in India.Other than entertainment, the Indian masses don't pick anything else from such Anti-corruption movies. It's like that!

I'm similar to the youngster mentioned up above. Except that I don't watch the special TV shows graced by Tamil movie heroes/ heroines. :-P We the people are happy about the Republic Nation that India has become, the Independence we've fought so hard and got - everything. But we're ruled by filthy, inconsistent Government and politicians. So freedom doesn't taste so divine after all, at least by me! Moving on, I watched a movie today - Pirivom Sandhippom. And it triggered some general thoughts. Can a house wife get bored? If she's bored - Well, what can she possibly do with all her spare time? What would happen if I went into the same situation that Sneha faced in my life? Is loneliness such a painful thing for the home-maker woman?

For one thing, I have thought long and hard about what happens to my career once I'm married. Would I continue or would I be advised to quit? It'll be real difficult to manage personal life with marriage life, especially for a woman. I'm sure everyone agrees on this. I've always wondered if my future-husband would be willing to help me in the kitchen and house work, in general. Just wondering types, you know! :) And I strongly believe that my personal life is more important to me than my career. So if the situation calls for it, I'd be prepared to exit. But all said and done, money is an alluring thing. I don't know if it'll loosen its tight grip on people any day. The movie was really nice and I enjoyed watching it on the whole. I liked the plot and the director's brave attempt to voice out the emotions of a woman whose only tasks for the day were cooking and house keeping. The story moved at tortoise-pace, but it didn't matter to me. Talking of which, I wanted to write upon Loneliness. Just a little bit, of course.

Lonely Lass
Solitude - It's both a blessing and curse. To someone who is always surrounded by people, loneliness is a much awaited bliss. To someone who's always felt alone, it's nothing but a curse. Now where goes my vote? I like being alone. But not always. I'd like to spend my time with friends, family and everyone who cares about me. I'm not averse to being alone as well, because helps in identifying my key interests. These days, when I'm all by myself and with a lot of spare time, I work on blog posts. I'm happy about that. :) Earlier, spare time meant TV Shows or Facebook-ing with some music at home. Not these days! Loneliness by choice is pleasurable. Looks like being thrust with no choice but loneliness certainly isn't. A good movie, and a well-spent Thursday. ;)


  1. Although everyone wants to love and be loved, Marriage which eventually happens seems to be a speculation!
    It frightens me at least. The same points that you have mentioned and some more that might be running in your mind but did not write it down here.

    A little two cents of mine hoping it adds something to this post,
    "Liberté n'éxiste pas, independence - quelque fois, solitude - toujours!" (I am bad at remembering authors of brilliant quotes)

    "Liberty/freedom does not exist, independence- sometimes, solitude- always!"

  2. Thanks Amzu. You're right. When we're plunging into marriage - it's in hopes that it's going to be a merry roller coaster ride of our lives. But the fact is, there's no such as a "Merry roller coaster"! :-D

    And I loved the quote. It's brilliant. :-)