Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Surge of a Salary Slip

As the title goes, this post is going to be my take on what happens when you earn. The heady feeling and authority that you get from making YOUR OWN MONEY. I'm sure that we've all grown hearing the phrase - "What? That much for buying a bag/ dress/ shoes? Did you think money grew in trees?" at some point in our lives. :) I'm just going to elucidate upon this by posting my own unconnected thoughts on the same.

Enna vazhkai da ithu?

For a married (responsible!) guy - It's all about saving money that he earns to build a dream home or to take care of his children's education. For a married woman, she would pamper herself lesser once she's into the family way. That's the spirit of a mom! Moms tend to sacrifice their desires to make way for the family's needs. If you're single and not into a married person's thought process yet, your money would make you be able to do a thousand things! The good and the bad. Period. Infact, when I wasn't salaried/ employed - I was dependent on my folks for everything I needed to get. Be it a haircut or buying some clothes. They'd always pipe in like "Nandhu, THIS costly? Why cant you go for something a bit cheaper?" Their opinion and approval counted for my selection. But now, since I'm earning - I've been able to afford (?) things that I couldn't get when I was looking for their nod. Okay, not as if I couldn't afford back then. We still did have money. I just chose to buy lesser and cheaper with their money. Money was a big concern especially when I was in college. Not that I got into a management seat or anything. Generally, with the house rent and certain other pressing concerns (No, I'm not going to talk about that here. This place isn't my diary) we weren't able to spend much earlier. I'm proud of what happened then because it's made me a responsible person that I am now! :) *touch wood*

Speaking of which, I'm not a spendthrift person as such. I'd only buy away when I'm too tempted or when it's a necessity; not otherwise. In terms of luxury spending and to buy things which you couldn't earlier - Aah, the joy is definitely unique! Be it spending on pampering yourself with a salon or buying an extra-costly tops or material or order for a home-delivery of Pizza - the feeling of being able to do these things is quite empowering. With the delirium of buying comes responsibility to spend sensibly - or so, I'd like to think. :) I went into a sort-of depression when I lost my job at Element K (It was all my doing, of course) for the chief reason that I'd become financially dependent on my mom again and I didn't know exactly for how long that state was going to last. That made me worry - A LOT. It's not like she didn't want me home or anything. Amma cares a world for my happiness. It's just that it irked me about not being able to work or do anything worthwhile after graduation! Coming to the point - What can money do for you? What can it NOT do for you? Here's my two cents.

Being able to earn and feel financially independent has the following pros:
1. Buy yourself whatever you want, whenever you want. (As long as it's within the budget or your bank balance, to say the least. :P )
2. You have a sense of security in your life because it's your money and it wouldn't rot with time. 
3. You can buy and surprise your loved ones with gifts. (I love this part, so totally!)
4. For someone who's earned long - You tend to invest it in places where it can multiply. More money equals more options to do things.
5. More money is more Power. Agree?
6. Being able to earn boosts your confidence level and self-esteem. I say this from experience.
7. Your success is a measured on a scale of Monetary Earning these days. Even for being judged as a Prospective Groom, mind you! :-P

Cons? There are a few.
1. One tends to spend mindlessly at times. Of course, many people tend to waste all away, given the plethora of options these days. Unnecessary expenditures, drinking, smoking, purposefully spending out of your way to be called cool or to raise your image - are some of the ways that I can think of.
2. Money cant buy you happiness. Accept it. Maybe it's cooler to sit and cry inside a Mercedes Benz than on the streets. But it's certainly not going to fetch you love or the company of people. Sure, some people will come up to you if you spend for them. Like fireflies, they'll be gone once you're going to change your ways!
3. It comes with a greater responsibility to safeguard it. If you're buying gold, you need to be watchful. If you're investing in shares, you need to keep an eye on the market all the time. This is what I mean. Money in the purse also needs an air of caution while you're out. Hehe! :)
4. Too much money means too much trouble. Ego problems, selfishness, greediness are some of the symptoms. My thalaivar mentioned the same in a song ages ago -  

Kaiyil Konjam Kaasu Iruthaal Neethaan Atharku Ejamaanan 
Kazhuthu Varaikkum Kaasu Irunthaal Athuthaan Unakkku Ejamaanan

Spend wise; Be happy.

P.S: I think I'll be buying a new handbag this weekend. What do you think? ;)

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