Sunday, January 22, 2012

All we need is Pyaar Prema Kaadhal!

If one could remember, I posted about STR's Love Anthem for World Peace trying to compete with Dhanush's Why this Kolaveri di? number sometime ago (Don't remember when). I actually got to hear/ see it sometime this week in SS Music, when I was hopelessly changing channels to find some interesting song. So this post would be something about that track. I consciously know that it's not worth dedicating one whole post for it. But then, I feel like it! :-D So here goes! 

Okay, STR seen in this song is quite lean and appealing to the eye. (Was it to mine alone?) Not as cute as Simbu in Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya though. Well, can someone tell me why he's wearing a Business suit with a tie and all that, to sing a song after all? Do Businessmen lack lurrrve? :-P And not to forget - the weird gyrating motion he does with his hands on the chest - more like kneading dosa batter in Aatu Kallu Oral! :-P I found that move a bit funny. And his weird jump-hop-skip everywhere inside the go-down! Also, what's that pretty lady doing next to him as if she's looking into his lyrics sheet? The glamor quotient eh? :-D

All said and done, I find myself liking this track more than Kolaveri di.. Simbu is trying his hand at something different, I'd say. Be it for some limelight or otherwise.

The visual plus audio to this track - Youtube version:

And how true! All we need is Pyaar, Prema Kaadhal! B-) That'd make the world a better place. Finally, let's see what the Facebook Fraternity understood as Simbu's Love Anthem for World Peace -

Tsk tsk! Poor STR! :-p

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  1. You can totally see that "wannabe Kolaveri Dhanush" everywhere. Specially when he deliberately has someone to read out the lyrics, and when he makes mistakes.

    But the facebook fraternity has given him a good reply :D