Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday Sobs - It's already Monday!

General lack of something else to do brings out the flourishing writer in me. 

Today was a total waste-away day, which I so totally loved! Spent the day watching half movies - 180, Engeyum Eppothum, Endhiran, Manmathan Ambu and a few other Pongal special shows which I managed to see only partially. Why didn't I watch it as a whole, you ask? I'd go mad trying to catch up with the story line with the huge breaks in between as much as two scenes. Worst of all, good programs are lined up tomorrow and day after but I can't watch a thing as I'll be sitting at office. Sob sob!

On the up side, I did go out and buy chocolates today. I don't know how it would taste but it had better be good for all the money I've spent for 'em. I am planning to wear a black Anarkali-ish top to office on 20th and it's got transparent sleeves. Just so that I feel comfortable wearing it on Friday, I've done the necessary precautions and preparation for the same today! :-D But I still haven't decided on whether to team it with black leggings or jeans. Whoa, I'm starting to sound so very style conscious! :)

I have very little hopes that I'll get my contact lenses and my new glasses before then. Oh well.. It'll come through soon. But not soon enough before the Townhall/ birthday, me thinks! Finally, one picture to tell you how I feel tonight -

It's always like this every Sunday night!

Why do you fly away so quickly, weekend? I am missing you already.

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