Saturday, March 10, 2012

Quarter Life Crisis.

This is one serious topic that I've been meaning to post about for ages.

Where am I?

Amritha and I have discussed on this so many times. When you're into your twenties, this Quarter life crisis kicks in. This form of living/ thinking etc last only as long as you're in your twenties, I think. If you're unlucky, it might follow you even after that. The cause or source is because of your undecided life. Say, you're in the early 20s and you don't know where you're heading next. By being undecided, I mean - You don't know what sort of universities that your GRE score is going to fetch you, or you haven't got a clue about giving GRE at all. :-D It could also be that crisis moment in your head when you're bored with your work life and you want to do something fresh. It could be that you want to do something more liberating and what comes to you easily, but you can't or won't do it because of 'Society pressures'. Like, you might've wanted to go into Arts line and then your parents came behind you and said "No No No! That's not a fitting thing to do at all. Doesn't sound one bit professional too. Choose something else. We're not allowing you to get into this". So ultimately, all you get to pick is 'CA', 'Engineering' or 'Medicine'. Talk about so much variety of choices being offered, I tell you. :| I'm going through one such quarter life crisis wherein I haven't "decided" what's next in life. I thought I had a decision made, but I'm re-thinking because I think there might be something else in store for me that I'm not aware of. Not yet.

Which one should I pick?

Everyone goes through this phase of life. It isn't unusual. Some people choose to ignore this "gut feeling" that something might be misplaced in their life. They think that whatever they're doing at present is what they were desiring/ meaning to do, all along. Reassuring the self. I wouldn't do that. Yesterday, I had this one-to-one meeting with my leads. They were criticizing me over a lot of points, as I put on the goal sheet. Not that I wasn't expecting to be fried. But there was this one point my PL said, which I felt had a strong point - "You won't be a fresher in this industry another 3-4 months from here. When you look back at what kind of a career you've painted, you shouldn't regret it or think there are a lot of empty patches. Carve the future in such a way that you feel that you've left no options unexplored. This is a competitive world, and every bit of your efforts count." :) I've been thinking that I'll strive and work hard on this. World's mean, after all.

Another point of view to assert on Quarter Life Crisis is how much you suffer at workplace, because you're so new and naive to everything around you. I went through this pretty bad at the start. I didn't know how to talk with whom, and what was expected from me. There were moments when I messed it up very badly at work and received acidic comments from my leads. Well, I've crossed all that now. I didn't know what was expected and that was really difficult part where I was asked/ forced to do things that I didn't know of. This is the phase of life - Your early twenties - when you're tossed around for everything. Your friends give GRE and talk on getting into the Ivy-League set of colleges, some talk to you about MBA and earning big money, some get married, some of those people have kids, post photos on Facebook to prove that their life is quintessentially complete - And you're seemingly confused and feeling the void. You aren't settled in your career.. YET. You don't know if you fit in your team. You aren't sure if you're like what you do at work. People don't explain everything, yet they expect you to understand and deliver seamlessly. You are forever underpaid and over-worked. People with 2-3 years experience look down upon you as a midget. They 'order' you around. Some of them help and understand your blankness. But most of them don't. You're sitting at work for more than 10-11 hours a day when everyone's left already. I've been through most of these situations. Hopefully, the QLC would lift and I'd have a clearer view of the path ahead in a while. Let's see.

To wind up, I proudly state that I'm labelled as a 'Fresher' and a victim of the Quarter Life Crisis. Oh well, this reassures me that I'm young too.

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