Sunday, March 11, 2012


This is one place in the world which amazes me. No, make it - AMAZES me. Who knows? Maybe I've got a previous birth bond with the country, but since the time I can remember I've always wanted to go there. Once, at least. :) It's the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx which make me go in awe. There's something mysteriously spectacular about the pyramids, the Mummies, the Emperors who reigned Ancient Egypt and the history of this brilliant country. I'm not entirely sure why, but I'm attracted to Egypt like the nettle to light! I've seen this unique destination in movies, I've seen it in Tamil songs like Poovukkul (Jeans) and read about it too. The inspiration and adoration never seems to cease.

I remember that once I had a funny dare with Aarthi on whether Rome was in Egypt or Egypt was in Rome. A bet on something in that effect. I think I said that Egypt was a part of Rome while she said that was not true. Okay, I lost. Rome was nowhere in the map when you're talking about Egypt. The bet was that I had to buy a Falooda for her (and Madhu too, since she barged into the bet just like that!) if I lost, but I never kept it till date. Hehe! :-D Come to think of it, maybe I should visit Rome too, you know. Some day. :-D Traveling around the world (Just a few places) would be something I'd like to do once I've saved enough. I can hear you saying "India laye evlavo places irukku.. Adha vitutu adhenna Rome, Egypt nu scene podra iva?" :-P Well, on an international level, there are a few tourist destinations I'd like to go to, Egypt being amongst those.

Travel Wish-list:
1. Egypt.
2. Rome.
3. Switzerland.
4. Amsterdam, the Netherlands - for The Flower Festival in spring!
5. Australia.
6. Jaipur/ Agra (The Tajmahal) - I've been there already, but wouldn't mind going there once more!
7. Madam Tussaud's, UK.
8. Disneyland, California.
9. Universal Studios, LA
10. Kochi, Kerala.
11. New Delhi.

This is a very random wish-list and more places would surely get added, depending very much on my mood and passion. For now, these are the places that I can think of. :)

P.S.: Dear Future Husband,

If you're reading this some day to know better about me, then you'll know what are the places that your wife would like to visit in her lifetime. Try to plan a get-away/ give her a surprise and she'd be overjoyed. :)

Your Future Wife. ;)


  1. Amritha CHANDRAMOULIMarch 13, 2012 at 10:09 AM

    haha! loved the way you ended it ! :)

    But speaking of Egypt, it has fascinated a big number of people in the world, and people have spent/dedicated all life to Egyptology. So it is completely normal that you like Egypt.

    I really wish that the list grows in size with many places being ticked off after visiting.

    BEST wishes,

    PS : If you are really serious about this, I ll send you the link of a blog that you might like reading, and that could eventually help you with this dream.

  2. I bet u might visit Egypt @ Rome (in ur language) only if u decently try buying me dat falooda ....BEWARE! or my curse ll haunt u !!!