Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wrap Around Skirts.

Mom and I went on a shopping spree yesterday. And among the many things I bought, there were the Wrap Around skirts. Infact, when I viewed them on the shelves I didn't even know how they were to be worn. I got the help of a salesman who showed me a demo on himself on how it's supposed to be tied up. Neat, I thought to myself. And thus, I picked three of them in a vibrant splash of colours. What I'm wondering now is - How and when am I going to wear them? Sounds stupid & shallow, right? But that's really how concerned I feel about wearing them. Welcome to India, a place where your dressing patterns/ styles can holler louder than your talking! B-)

Wrap 'em around!

I remember the day when I went to office in a maxi red skirt paired with a cream colored shirt. This was some one or two months ago. I must admit that it fetched me a mix of stares and surprised looks! A friend of mine said that I looked like a Sri Lankan. LOL! For one thing, a girl of 22 (Marriageable age, mind you!) can't be caught wearing even maxi skirts in a place like Chennai! Unless you're at a party. If you're going for a party in some posh place (Dublin, Pasha or some place THAT posh), it's acceptable to go around in see-through coats, tube tops, skirts, micro mini's, strapless gowns and a wide range of other daring clothes! Other places? NO NO NO! Talking of all this, I admit that I'm a conservative dresser. Other than salwars/ occasional jeans and even more occasional Skirting around, there isn't another dress that I've worn outside.

I've always felt over conscious of my body shape, body contour, whether a dress could completely blow out, blow up when worn outside. What if it's too windy? What if my skin is seen while I'm boarding the bus? Or what if someone accidentally puts their leg on the hem of the skirt while I'm walking and it tears? *sighs* Yikes, that's all unwanted and embarrassing drama! It's essential to dress modestly, which I completely adhere to. And here is one country where the temperature is high for most of the year. Unless you're wandering around the city in an A/C car with music on full blast for most of the time, stay away from clothes than expose the skin. :)

Now coming back to the point - The Wrap Around skirts that I've purchased are Maxi skirts. They're ankle long. Only thing which makes me jittery is what happens wearing them on a windy day. I tried to pin them at the edge but that makes my walking awkward. Plus I wouldn't be able to board a bus with that kinda pinning up. And so, I've come up with a practical solution - Pairing it with white leggins underneath!!! :-D Holy Lord, I'm a sheer genius. B-)

Among the other things that I bought were a teddy bear and a green tops for my friend D. A belated birthday gift of sorts! I just hope she likes it. I am still not sure if it'd fit her. If it's going to be a bit loose - She should gain weight. If it's going to be tight - I suggest she slims down to fit it. Muhahaha! :-D

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  1. AmrithachandramouliFebruary 19, 2012 at 8:22 AM

    I am so curious to see you in these!