Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mangalyam Tantunanena Mama Jeevana Hetuna!

No, don't get over-excited. I'm not getting married yet. This post is just reflections of my thoughts up on marriage. I was watching Namma Veetu Kalyaanam on Vijay TV and today's show hosted an Iyengar pair who shared memories and glimpses of their courtship, engagement and their wedding to the channel's viewers. Seeing all those functions (A few snippets, here and there!) got me so enthusiastic to write about it. :-D 

The Oonjal Ceremony glimpses!

A Tambrahm marriage is really long run of different ceremonies that go on for 3 days. Phew! It is quite tiring, isn't it? There's the traditional Nichayadhartham, the Kaasi Yatra, Oonjal, exchange of garlands while sitting on the shoulders of elderly maama's, Mangalyadharanam and a lot other functions for the couple. All of these traditional functions and a few fun games (Such as nalangu) help ease up the tension between the couple before they enter into Marriage union. Well, it's quite an amazing thing - the Indian wedding. South Indian. And Tambrahm weddings are elaborate and grand in their own style. There's so much to decide, to plan and work on before the Wedding Day arrives. For one thing, the bride wears and changes around 3 different sari's (Madisar style, that too) on the Wedding day morning and not to mention, with the special bridal make-up and flower/ garlands all perfectly intact. :) Difficult? You haven't heard it fully. The ceremonies begin early in the morning and so, the couple and their immediate family are forced to wind up late on the previous day evening and start off with preparations for the next day during early hours of the morning. (As early as 4.30 am!) I just hope that my eyes don't appear puffy or small and betray on the lack of sleep. With my contact lenses intact and all the surrounding eye make-up, appearing sleep-deprived is the last thing I want to be captured doing on the Wedding pictures/ videos! Any make-up person who can skillfully hide this early-morning aspect are most welcome to reach out to me with the details on their packages. :-P

Of course, there are certainly difficulties one succumbs to (Read: The girl's side) - Arranging pandits, Deciding on the perfect muhurtham time, Fixing the mandapam, Deciding on the make-up, jewels and saris to be worn, Buying new clothes for the near and dear ones, Calling out to each and everyone and trying not to miss anyone while inviting for the wedding. I must mention here that attending weddings is always so much fun. :) All the wonderful mouth-watering food, getting (Or rather, demanding for) extra spoons of your favorite sweet or ice-cream, catching up with friends or relatives after a long time, meeting up people, saying things such as "Look there, R maami's sari is so nice." or "Wow, the bride's jewellery is so attractive. Ma, I want something like this for MY wedding." etc. Sometimes I wonder why the Wedding ceremonies have to be so elaborate and winding in the Tambrahm style. And it strikes me - An Indian wedding is about people catching up with each other and taking responsibilities on various things through out the function days. Which does involves a lot of expenditure as well. But the girl's side really don't mind all that - provided their daughter is married off to a well-meaning groom family. :) A wedding is a one-time trip after all!

Idhudhaana Idhudhaana!

Wrapping up, I really don't know where my Prince Charming is or what he's doing right now. But he sure does exist! And I'm waiting to witness and be a part of My Big Fat Indian Wedding with him! ;)

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