Monday, February 13, 2012

Spexy Girl!

Top Six reasons why you should try wearing contact lens:
1. 360 degree rotation. You see everything around you clearly, without confining your vision to the edges of your spectacles.
2. No glasses = more confidence. Better looking face.
3. Say YES to sunglasses.
4. No more nicknames like specsy, jishmish (SRK calls Preity like this in KHNH) soda buddi etc.
5. No nose-pad mark on the wedge of your nose, or constantly sliding the specs up and down your nose while you're sweating.
6. You can pose for photos without having to remove your glasses (and hiding it somewhere beyond the frame of the picture) fearing the camera flash will reflect and ruin the picture. Too much personal experience here.

Five reasons why you should probably stick to wearing glasses:
1. No problems such as ensuring not to cross the hours acceptable for wearing lens.
2. Can rub/ scratch/ scrub the eyes without worrying "OMG! I can't do that. I'm wearing lens!"
3. Can sit in any sort of a place with a blast of wind blowing on your face.(Bus window seat, for example)
4. Can walk into a shower without having to remove the lens, scrub and place in their solution. Not to forget, you certainly shouldn't go to sleep wearing lens. (All the rinsing formalities you have to follow before putting it in solution. Phew!)
5. The smallest particle of dust or a pollen grain can give you painful, agonizing moments if it enters your eyes while you're wearing lens.

As you could've guessed by now, this post is going to be about my new avatar - Lensy me! :-D It's not like I'm wearing contact lens for the first time though. It all started in twelfth grade, when I used an year-long pack. After which my power increased by a bit and that alarmed me. So I went back to glasses and it was the specsy-me until third year at college. There was some irregular usage during my college days - Ah, how I'd hurriedly put on the lens in the morning before rushing to catch an auto. I'd be running late already and I'd be counting on my bus driver to arrive after I did. :-D Again, the power went up, contact lens went down. It was history repeating itself all over again.

After nearly two years' worth hiatus I'm back to wearing contact lens. What's so great about it, you may ask. I don't know how to describe the feel. It's as if you're wearing something new amidst the people you work with and you're eager to know what they think about it. Oh yes, it's like going back to the Wrap Around Skirts times. You're wearing something different and people are going to judge you based on that! :) Not that I'm scared or worried about what they'd say. I'm prepared to hear comments like "Oh dear, why did you shift from glasses? This lens-look doesn't look so good on you. Not a bit" / "Your face looks so bloated and different minus the glasses. And your eyes look so sunk-in too". :-P I heard all these reactions at school and college after the change over. Most importantly, their comments isn't going to stop me from wearing the lens unless I'm out of time or interest to wear them to work here on. But I agree, even my face seemed strange to me with the contact lens in place on friday. It was as if I was looking into a stranger in the mirror. Seriously. :-/

I'll get used to it soon. Or atleast, I should! The mental feud on which is more comfy and easy to wear is still raging in my head. I don't think I'll arrive at a conclusion on this EVER! So here begins the legend of lens vs specs mind voices. Either ways, to be stuck without glasses would make an ideal nightmare experience. Well, that's the consequence of being heavily dependent on glasses for everyday life-as-usual to go on! :-)

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  1. AmrithachandramouliFebruary 19, 2012 at 8:19 AM

    Both the looks suit you well. You can go for changes suddenly and surprise people. :)