Monday, December 19, 2011

A movie, a book and life in general.

I did two things this week and I forgot to talk about one of them in the last post. I did the second thing just yesterday. Okay, enough suspense. It rolls out here.


I have successfully finished reading the book I too had a love Story by Ravinder Singh. I got it from my friend A about four weeks ago. Since I was not-so-good at managing time and also because I couldn't finish reading it completely till last week, I couldn't go on to give a review here. The story is a different genre, unlike the typical flavor of Indian authors like Chetan Bhagat. We all know how Chetan Bhagat writes. He adds flavor and spice to an otherwise ordinary plot and serves it with action and drama! And most Chetan Bhagat books don't have a sad ending. (Now don't start off about Revolution 2020 - the confused girl kept messing it!) Ravinder Singh has his own unique narrative pattern and whoa, I was hooked to the plot, though I could predict the storyline from the title itself. It's a sad ending types book, with the girl dying in the end. We've all read Love Story by Erich Segal. Somehow, I've never been moved by the book even though I've heard from some friends that it brought tears in their eyes. I too had a love story was one book that made me feel a mixture of emotions for the protagonist Ravin, in the end. It's pretty similar to Love Story, by Erich Segal.

I too had a love Story is a plot based on how an Indian girl and a boy - fall in love by bumping into each other on a matrimonial site. What moves on as a fine romance is interrupted when Fate plays spoil sport in their lives in the form of an accident. I was touched by the sincerity of love and care that Khushi displays for Ravin throughout the book. :) To really understand how it makes you feel, I suggest that you read the book once for yourselves too! My rating for the book - 3.75 out of 5.


I saw the movie 7aam Arivu after having it on my system for nearly two months. The movie came out as a Diwali release much earlier. The plot was quite unbelievable and beyond fantasy. I mean, all that Operation Red, Rupees 300 Crores exchanged with a professor of Genetic Engineering and Chinese Government, the atrocities of Assassin Dong Lee, 6th Century Disease spreading like wildfire in the 21st Century, Genetic Engineering students activating Bodhi Dharman's DNA pattern by suspending Suriya in a fluid filled cage like a dead cockroach was quite bogus. Whoa, wild fantasy does have its limits, Murugadoss sir. The highlight of it all - Nokkuvarmam which Dong Lee kept showing off with such ease. I was rolling my eyes whenever Dong Lee managed to hypnotize someone and bid them to do his will. I mean, WHAT was that all about? The songs were very picturesque - Especially Mun Andhi Chaaral and Yellae Lama. Suriya gets more handsome with each movie of his. :D Shruti Hassan looks charming, but she could've showed more emotions on the screen. The girl can speak good tamil, bless her! :) The life of Pallava Prince Bodhi Dharman (portrayed at the start of the movie) should make every Tamilian feel proud of his heritage. So he was the one who taught Defense Arts and Ancient Medicines to the Chinese, eh? I did a Google search of the same once the movie was over. The movie tries to make us look back at our rich Cultural Heritage that we've conveniently ignored - Thanks to the Era of Modernization. 7aam Arivu is a Message-wrapped movie with a heady mix of Historical Documentation and Impossible stunts. All said and done - Good attempt Suriya. You're the one who holds the entire movie on your shoulders and the audience can't do anything but admire you, as you did that well! My ratings would be a 3.5 out of 5.

Apart from this, there are a few others I'd like to talk about.

My school friends - A, C, D (She's not exactly my school friend. She's my friend's friend. A friend to my colleague M), S and V - have apparently planned an Getaway to somewhere for New Year 2012. Did I see this was coming? Yes. Did I know it was going to happen? Yes. Does it matter a lot to me or sad that I'm not a part of it? No. Am I curious to know what it's all about? Well, partial yes. My school friends have been planning this big meet-up for about four or five months now. Earlier, when it was in its Planning stage I fell sick and got hospitalized - Aug 2011. S and V came upto the hospital to pay me a visit. That's when they told me that they're planning out something and that I should join. I said I would. Later, I turned to become unforgivably angry for being called a 'Psoriasis patient' by V some two weeks after I was discharged. Joke and all is okay only upto a point. When it goes overboard, I cannot remain quiet and tolerate it. Some words, even said casually, can hurt us in very deep ways. It went on to create a ridge on what we've been - Friends. I initiated it, no doubts there. I want to clearly state this before someone screams "You did it. Don't make it look like it wasn't your making!" X-(

I've always felt over burdened by comparisons. C always kept doing that, knowingly or unknowingly. If she was reading this post, she'd probably swear she was never up to all that. Never mind! I've had a tougher walk in life than any of these folks. No regrets there though! What doesn't kill you can only make you stronger. It hurt me (and it still does) that some of my so-called Best friends couldn't make it for Appa's funeral rites. What's in there? All over in a matter of few hours, no? Too bad! I will remember minute details well. Cutting edge memory is one of the gifts that God bestowed upon me when I was born. One guy said he was busy with shifting and moving between Coimbatore, Vellore and Hyderabad to come. Another didn't bother to come and we don't want to know whom it was, do we? Okay.. Let's get back to the point now! So I believe that the one who doesn't share sorrows - doesn't deserve to be your company during the good times too. Off with the burdens. My life is better without such people who make me feel non-existent. I've always felt small and muted, beside these Best buddies. Whether they do it intentionally or not - the constant comparisons and Oh-I'm-turning-so-much-better-than-you-by-the-minute statements they make now and then urges me to do nothing but puke! I don't like it when people who don't mean well take control of my emotions. And yes, so we've split. Four against one. I don't feel bad about it. I like it better this way, than to be an unprecedented prey during the past meet-ups.

Okay, so they've all planned something BIG. I-don't-care-not-being-there. I'm slightly curious. That's it. V wanted to make the big meet-up happen this new year, since he'll be off to the US next year for his Masters. No more of India for another couple of years. So all emotions run free. Yikes! Let's not get into the details. Enough here. :)

Let's move on to another story. We're playing Chris-mom/ Chris-child game at office. Any guesses at who is my Chrischild? The newly-married PL - Mrs G. ;) She was MIA for the past three weeks due to her marriage vacation. Now that she's back, I'm all ready to give her the task. Muhahaha! :D It'll be talking like Ramanaa Vijayakanth and giving project statistics. B-) Can't wait to see that happen. As a part of the tradition, the Chris-mom should gift the child at the end of the season. I just shopped and picked her a gift. I hope she likes my gift - a basket of violet colored flowers. :) I shopped it today because I'll be too tired after office to do it when I come back from work. I wonder who's my Chris-mom! They made me tell a story in Tamil, without inclusion of English words. Yeah yeah, I'm called the Peter Woman of my project. More than knowing my Chris-mom I am waiting for my present. Hee hee! =D We're also going to have Potluck at office next week. I will post more updates when it does happens. I hope everyone knows what's Potluck. It's a tradition in which everyone brings food from home and shares it among their friends. We're planning for one lunch session when we'll all be sharing food made by others' - their moms and family. :) This simple little custom teaches us the art sharing and appreciating what others have. Sounds so beautiful, doesn't it? I'm so excited for it to happen within our project.

Speaking of Potluck and about food, did you know that my lone piece of snacks after having lunch is just a small packet of biscuits? No coffee/ tea also otherwise. Yeah baby, yeah! I'm on diet and it's time to lose all the extra pounds and flabs I've gathered. Some results are already evident and for some others to show up, I need to follow the regime for even longer. I so totally wish I had a Weighing scale at home - to see the peaks and valleys of my weight whenever I feel like it. It'll help me keep track of my weight too. Must buy a weighing scale SOON.

It's 11:45 PM and I think I should wind up now. I've ranted enough for the day. Besides, I have office tomorrow as well. Sigh, the Monday morning blues have already engulfed me. I'll post again, when I have some free time or when its the weekend - whichever happens early. :D

Nos vemos pronto! (Spanish)

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