Saturday, December 17, 2011

I. Will. Keep. Writing!

Well.. You know something? I've made up my mind to post atleast once a week over here! Hahaha! So much efforts to keep the blog alive and I'm going to let this happen no matter what.

Ok, today was nice and not-so-nice owing to 2 things which happened.

1. I had my relatives visiting our place in the afternoon - at lunchtime. A perima and N peripa came to see new houses/ apartments here and they decided to drop home for a visit, along with R perima and cousin R. This was both good and bad since I had to shower and get ready EARLY cos they were all coming.. Not the thing I usually do on a saturday. :P So yeah, begrudgingly I accepted to do something not-so-usual-for-a-Nandz-style-saturday! On the flip side, they brought a LOT of good food for us to have - I said na? It was a lunchtime visit. R perima went out of way and made Vegetable Pulao and Aloo paratta, just the way I like it. :) (Slightly hot though, had my eyes swimming in tears from the extra Masala in the dishes!) The taste is still lingering in my tongue even now.. At 7:20 PM. *slurp* In fact, I'm savoring scoops of Carrot Halwa that they brought, as I'm composing this article.

They went crazy at the sight of the guava and chikku hanging ripe in the trees around our house. Infact, R perima and cousin R went with a plastic bag to the terrace to pick all the big-sized fruits from the trees! Yes, I admit that the house is great for the fact that it has a lot of plants and trees around it. :) We didn't live in such a scenic and beautiful house when I studied college - the Chitlapakkam house. My mom always rattles about how all the coconut trees' keep letting the dry leaves and the big coconut shells fall down with heavy 'thud' all through the day. Infact she'll say "Nandhini, veetu orama mattum nadandhu varadhe ma. Edhavadhu thenga un thalaila edhir paarama vizhundhuta enna seiyardhu?" (Nandhini, please don't walk near the side of our house when you're walking on the road. Coconut shells keep falling at the unexpected moments from those trees. What if one falls on your head?) All my relatives took the part-ripened fruits home. They're planning to put it in rice sacks or empty containers to make them turn ripe.

My relatives were pretty impressed with the house, I should say. They kept saying it was airy and the rooms were large. A bit too much for us, it seems. Gah, who cares? We lived in a King-sized house in Vellore. So be it in Chennai too. ;)

2. The bedroom fan unexpectedly gave up working in the morning today. And thus, it spoiled my mid morning reverie. We tried to call the Electricians we know in this locality to fix before the Relatives' visit. Unfortunately, all the three men we called were busy or couldn't come. Sigh! Tonight, we'll be sleeping in the other rooms owing to this. Looks like Event #2 is much shorter on the description side than Event #1 for the day! :P Ah well.. This was an important thing that happened earlier today too, as it means a LOT for me to wake up before 11:00 AM, Mind you!

When I started writing this particular post for today, I wanted to vent out the frustration and stress I'm facing with the work load at office. I've been assigned for three February releases and the work is so-damn-hectic! There's always something or the other to do on all three fronts. I don't go out even to have evening snacks these days. It's that bad already. :-( I hope that this phase of life ends soon. If it goes overboard, it'll definitely become difficult to handle. Not that I can't handle such truckloads of work. It's just that I prefer not to, get it? They're saying that after a particularly important April 2012 release, a lot of us wouldn't be required in this project. I don't know if I can believe that it'd happen for sure or not. See, I do spend a LOT time pondering about the future. This is one such instance. :D I've already made a jump from one technology to another earlier this year. I wonder what the future holds? :)

Well, it's close to one year since I joined Tata Consultancy Services. I had my one-to-one meeting just a couple of days ago. Whoa, and what a session it was! I haven't been bombarded with such intense questions for a while!.. I just hope it all goes smooth. I'm expecting a good rating, but then it's all in my Supervisor's hands. Let's see what's given. All is well! :) And my best friend and sister A said she's visiting Chennai soon - it'll be a work-related trip. She's told me that when she does, she'll try to fix up a meet between us. That'll be so cool, no? It's been almost two years since we last met - At Chennai Central during March 2010. Ah, what a meet up that was! She gave me big hoop earrings and I got her the Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) in the last moment, just a few minutes before her train departed. Incidentally, that was the day I got placed (!) in Element K. Looking forward to meeting and catching up with A soon. I wish I could go to Secunderabad, but my work levels wouldn't let me take leave. :(

I really should get serious about preparing for higher studies. I've taken it light till now. But time seems to move fast and I really ought to be preparing before everything comes blindingly close. I'm considering studying abroad as well. Visited a few sites and career prospects of studying outside India. Let us see. God, be with me! Lead me in the right way and help me keep away from all Evil. :)

Ok, apart from the serious stuff I've been pouring out here's a snap update from the Bites of the Travel Bug - My friend A and her husband K visited Venice as a double celebration trip - A's birthday and well as their first Marriage anniversary. Seeing those pictures really made me whine and pine for a trip to Venice. Well, you know what? I really will go to places. These kinda things only re infuse the burning flare within me. I will make it big in life. And of course, the best thing about making it big (From my perspective, that is) - is to aim at visiting one exotic location after the other, country after country. :P Hehe.

More updates coming up later. A presto! :)

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