Saturday, March 8, 2014

An Ode to the Arrival of Quarter Life Crisis!

Visiting my own blog after a hiatus nearly a year and a half brings a lot of nostalgia with it. Its here where I vented out my thoughts and frustration, starting from the times of Element K. About 4 1/2 years of blogging, and this is a sweet hobby I'd never want to give up on!

Okay, so when life was catching up with me in the past two years, I left TCS, joined LIBA and did a thousand things (More or less!) that made me feel happy, wise and at times.. foolish! I've been in-charge of whatever happens in my life, and nothing makes me feel more glad than that. So what brings me to write here? The arrival of my silver jubilee age of course. YES! I'm 25 now. Now add that with adjectives like independent, penniless, non-earning udhavakarai member of the family and an avid dreamer. This is what I'll be talking about in the space to come. To those of you who want to read the rants, Ah well.. Welcome aboard! And to those who don't want to.. Err, you could always tune in to catch up with some Rom-com or your favorite movie. Toodles!

When you're a girl, the meaning of achievement in your life (According to your parents) is.. Giving you good education? Not quite. Seeing you in a successful career? Err, no no. Wanting to see you work onsite as a part of your career? Tch, nope. This is what happens when you turn 21-22 in a typical TamBrahm family - They take out the jathagam, do horoscope matching and one or two years later..BAM! Get you married to a USA Mappla, who is busy slogging his life out at some MNC with his *OWN* car, apartment, villa and what not. That's success in the life of a desi girl! To get married, settle down in life, have kids, and somehow manage to juggle your career amidst all this. I still think marriage is an important part of life and its going to happen to all of us some day, some time. But yeah, this is the singular issue that's caused me to introspect the past happenings of my life. So here I am, twenty-five. My mother is NOT on the look-out for a prospective bridegroom for me. I'm NOT thinking about marriage terms now. Not yet. But I will soon. We all eventually cave in to the awesomeness (?!) of marriage some day.

Of late, I've been receiving a lot of attention along those lines. From curious/ inquisitive friends, family, strangers, acquaintances.. Focusing on the central theme of when I'm getting married, what my mom is doing, and whether its on the cards soon. Honestly, the reply is "I don't know" . All I do know is this moment, and this instance of my life. Here I am, happily chatting away with Amma, and writing this blog. To all those people who can't wait to know what I'm doing about life-after-LIBA, you know? I'm waiting for the magical moment too. That absolute moment when you know that he's the one, to walk together hand-in-hand in the beach, to laugh and joke over mundane things, to silently lay on your back and gaze at the stars without the need to exchange words while doing so.. And a million other small-but-significant things! If it hasn't happened to me, it only shows I have the patience to wait for it to happen. I'm in no rush to get things done. My life is not a check-list of items that need to be ticked at a certain age across each event.

I am on the look out for that TamBrahm boy who can amuse me with his wit, and tour with me to Egypt to visit the great pyramid of Giza. The one who will not be intimidated by my height - even if I wear heels some day, and probably discuss with me about the wonderful after-effects of finishing The Kite Runner, or The Chanakya's Chant or even some random book by some even more random author. Someone who can listen to Karthik and feel the flow of life and energy emanating from that voice. The one who can see the depth of my heart or the crookedness of my thoughts in in my eyes. Does it have to be a TamBrahm? , you may ask. Well, if I do happen to fall for an undomesticated caveman, I will let the world know. As of now, take a YES to that question.

If you have Mid-life Crisis when you're 40-45, I'm in the phase called "Quarter-Life Crisis". No Job, No Asset, No Income, and also unmarried at 25. That time in your life when all your mamas and mamis try to fix you up with suitors at family gatherings/ wedding houses. When your Facebook Newsfeed shows that all your school/ college friends and colleagues are getting engaged, married, honeymooning and having babies while you are way behind in the league. While I DO know that this has ample time to happen, and since it hasn't yet occurred, I plan to continue living my life as I deem appropriate. The ones who are in need of the answers about my personal life, don't ask the questions. High standards equate to high expectations. Therefore, don't ask me what I'm doing with my life. If I'll have babies when I'm 27 or if I'll remain a lonely bachelorette even then. Who knows? The future is bleak. What is truth is the present, and only the present. I will miss this beautiful journey called life if I constantly worry about my destination. For the journey is much more beautiful than the destination in itself.

To all my beautiful lady friends still single and searching for the *one* as I am, God is busy scripting your tale of love. Give time for time to work. Happy Womens Day! Sayonara. :)

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  1. wow! this is so well written n re-assuring! impressive! of course i can relate to it a lot :)