Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift.

Today, my friends and I went for Ice Age 4 - Continental Drift 3D. :) Since I haven't watched the previous three movies, I didn't have any expectations from the plot. The story was a mix of laughter and entertainment all over. It's based on a plot of the breaking-up of continents from Pangaea due to Scrat's hunt for Acorns and how the protagonists survive the catastrophe. Here's a compilation of the characters and what I adored in each of them.

  • Peaches who changes for others, and later moves from the so-called 'hep gang' back to Louis
  • Manny, who is an over-protective and responsible father mammoth,
  • Scrat, and his over obsessiveness for Acorns, (he's a funny guy)
  • Diego, a rough and tough tiger, who seemingly develops a soft spot for Shira,
  • Sid, who is the clumsy, nonsense-speaking sloth,
  • Ellie, a loving and caring mother mammoth,
  • Granny (Sid's grandmother), and her ever-faithful pet Precious. (a blue whale)

I adored every single animal from the movie! :) I've missed out the bad guys - Captain Gutt, Flynn, Raz, Silas, Squat, Boris, Gupta and the very cute troupe of Hyraxes who help defeat the pirates! I particularly love the tribal dance bit that they do along with Sid. :D Every single character which appears on the screen is pivotal and inspiring.

In all, the movie had been an enthralling meet-up! Later after the movie was over, we went to Rich and Creamy and sat there animatedly talking of who fits which character. :-D From those discussions, Aarthi is Peaches, Madhu is Sid, Deepa is Scrat* and I'm Diego! I feel Aarthi picked the beauty from the lot. :-D I like Diego.. :) He's understanding and gives chance to others. Oh well, he did give a second chance to Shira. Not the exact depiction of my character but a few areas fit in us. I like it that's he's a rough tiger out there.. I'm a tough person too! B-) Or so.. I'd like to think!

* - We think that Scrat resembles Lays better - since she's completely over obsessed about her appraisals. :-P (her acorn!)

Here's a photo from our Rich and Creamy exploits:

Yum yum YUM!

I haven't got much to go on with. Others apart, I've had a hair-cut and bought new slippers yesterday! This has been one busy weekend. :) Welcome Monday morning! (Already?) :-|

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  1. Excuse me! hw can u say i went for beauties????! wel thn u suggest a character that wud go wit mine ..... :@ :@