Sunday, June 10, 2012

After a hiatus.

And so, I'm finally back to Blogging. :) It was a hiatus of more than two months, I guess. Life has it's own ways to throwing challenges and mind blocks along the way to see what you do. It was something that crippled the senses out of me for a long time, the time while I sat wondering what I should do and where I should move next. I read this somewhere: Your career is a long, long journey - longer than you'd ever imagined. So it's okay to make mistakes and to have gleaming patches here and there. The only thing is, you can never feel so optimistic while you're down. I swear, I've been through two tough months.. But things are getting brighter now. Or atleast, it's all in my head.

I remember that in my last post, I mentioned that when we're faced with issues - 1. We must give it a tough fight or 2. Surrender to it. I fought 'my problem' quite well. And quite fiercely too. When I realized that I was getting nowhere, I.just.stopped. Ultimately, I learnt a very valuable lesson out of it. Stinking rotting people are everywhere. Sometimes you get dirt laid on your back and pay a price when you don't deserve it at all. All you can do is scream, cry and bellow "Why me?". But again, how you tolerate and come out of the dumps is entirely class stuff! B-) I've learned to smile fake and act as if I don't give it a damn, like it's alright - what they did to me, in front of those people. But inside, I've turned stronger than I'd thought. I have a couple of friends who've mocked at my situation, ask me how I'm continuing and just let me rot. In fact, they're continuing to do it really well at the moment. To those beautiful and lovely friends, thanks for nothing. I'll show you who I am in a while.

Amritha - If you're reading this, thanks for every bit of your support over the past few months. :) I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. It's just that, things have gone to levels such that, I've stopped trying to get out of where I am. They're not letting me. And I have really lost hopes that I'd be out of the marsh.

Now ending this sombre post with a punch - Tough times don't last, tough people do. :)

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